Best Aviation Headsets Reviews & Buying Guide – August 2019

Aviation Headsets are considered as important equipment of every pilot - whether he/she is a student pilot, a professional pilot or a pilot instructor – they need high quality aviation headsets. These headsets play a vital role in the life of every pilot and can greatly contribute to the safety of the flight, as well as, to the health of pilots, like me.

For me, being a professional pilot, who loves my job and enjoys every flight I make, having and investing in high-quality Aviation Headsets with the best features is a must. Since I started my career as a pilot, I always prefer the most functional and practical aviation headsets that can deliver the best features and still be durable and dependable. This is a crucial factor for me to always consider to make sure that I can be more focus on driving the aircraft so that the flight crew, my passengers and I can depart and land safely.

Below are the 8 Best Aviation Headsets that you can choose from:

Aviation Headsets are not just your ordinary headsets. They are specially designed for use by pilots, like me, for flying or aircraft operation purposes. This is not just used for hearing protection, but for clearer communication, as well. If there is no hearing protection used during the flight, pilots will certainly suffer from irreversible hearing loss. Aside from its effective noise-canceling features, one of the best features that I love with aviation headsets is that they allow both radio and intra-cabin communication.

1. Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Standard Dual Plug Cable

Among other aviation headsets for aircraft pilots, my pilot friends said that this wired Bose A20 model guarantees active noise reduction of up to 30% more as compared to conventional ones. Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Standard Dual Plug Cable also offers as much as 30% less clamping force than other traditional aviation headsets providing comfort even for longer flights.

Based on the feedback I got from my co-pilots, Bose A20 Aviation Headset gives them clear audio that has an active equalization, where it can automatically shape and equalize incoming signals for enhanced sound clarity. It also allows the user to mute a signal when a communication has been received and this depends on the operator’s selected audio prioritization.

Also featured in this model is an efficient electret microphone with a standard control module plus a customizable audio prioritization with a built-in plug and fly operation. Other pilots I know who are using Bose A20, said that they are able to choose where to connect the mic - either on the left or the right ear cup. Moreover, the A20 aviation headset has met the FAA TSO C139 standards.

What We ❤What We 💔Final Verdict 🔨

  • Meets FAA standards
  • Battery-operated, which can last up to 45 hours of continued use
  • Comes with the standard control model
  • Light-weight & High-performance electret microphone
  • 30% more noise-cancellation feature
  • Allows audio prioritization control for either “mute” and/or “mix” settings of audio inputs

  • Wired
  • Uses cables for connectivity
  • The bag is a bit smaller which requires patience to properly place the headsets and wires before zipping it up
  • Expensive

Since I have mentioned about comfort as one of the main factors to consider when selecting aviation headsets, Bose A20 offers an ergonomic design to provide comfort even with long hours of flying. Most of my pilot friends prefer Bose A20 aviation headset because of the exceptional features and benefits it offers. Also, because it is considered as one of the most efficient aviation headsets with its light-weight features that can still provide effective noise-canceling features.
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