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Audrey Brown – Founder of Flyush

The world is a large place, larger than you might think, and despite all the globalization and modern technology, there are certain charms that you simply must experience first hand. We are blessed to live in an era where travel has become really accessible, meaning there are very few parts of the world we can’t discover. Globalization has opened up a whole new segment to people’s lives, we are no longer chained to our workplace, on the contrary, we have a chance to travel and work from many places in the world.

I first realized this during a trip to Egypt. It was a life-changing trip, that made me rethink everything! It’s not that I didn’t like my previous job at a museum, as an art lover it was a good job, but I wanted more, I wanted to explore the world, and I wanted to experience different cultures first hand. Egypt was my first, grand, other continent trip and I was so excited to see the riches of ancient Egyptians. As much as I was excited about the trip, there were also obstacles and unpleasantries I was faced with that made me think – I should have prepared myself better for this foreign country. This is when the idea of a travel blog came to mind, I was sure I could provide valuable information packed with exciting stories from across the world.


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My Mission


My mission is to explore new destinations and cultures all along while working. The digital nomad movement has helped spread out this lifestyle and many countries are embracing it. Yet, not everything is nice and easy as we might often advertise it, there are many challenges, cultural differences, and obstacles when traveling into foreign parts of the world, that you might want to know about.

The Mission of Flyush

Flyush.com can help you with that. The primary goal is to help and guide people who are planning to travel by giving them superior advice on how they can have a worry-free and comfortable trip while keeping themselves safe and healthy. You will greatly benefit from our travel guides, helpful tips, and relevant travel product reviews that are simple, yet fun and engaging to read.

Whether it be the beaches of the Caribbean, exciting megacities of Asia, dunes of Arabian deserts, or the beautiful surf waves in the “land down under”, join my blog for some first-hand experience and advice. Here you get to chance to learn from my mistakes, and hopefully avoid them for yourself, find great travel deals, and get inspired to discover new destinations.

– Audrey Brown


Audrey Brown is the founder of Flyush. She is a well-traveled consultant, businesswoman, and international speaker who has collected countless pearls of travel-wisdom over years on the road.