Home Destinations Central Anatolia trip – Pamukkale to Cappadocia

Central Anatolia trip – Pamukkale to Cappadocia

Central Anatolia trip – Pamukkale to Cappadocia

The central Anatolia region of Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

It’s home to the famous city of Konya, which has a rich history and culture, and it also includes many other beautiful cities such as Elazig and Malatya. But what makes this area truly unique are all its natural wonders: The mineral-rich hot springs in Pamukkale; ancient ruins like Hierapolis and Aphrodisias; and stunning landscapes like Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys. In this article we will guide you through visiting some of these highlights on an itinerary that will make your trip unforgettable!


Pamukkale is Turkey’s most famous natural site. It’s a small town in the country’s Denizli province, not far from the ruins at Hierapolis. The main attraction is its white travertine terraces, which have been formed over thousands of years by hot springs flowing into the valley.

Pamukkale means “cotton castle” because of the white calcium carbonate that covers the landscape like a blanket of snow, but it’s also known as “Cotton Castle in Heaven” because it looks like someone has laid down a sheet on a bed of cotton balls!

The terraces are made up of layers of limestone and calcium carbonate deposits which have built up over time from mineral springs. The water is rich in carbon dioxide and other minerals, which give it its unique properties and make it extremely soft.

You can reach Pamukkale from either Izmir or Denizli by bus or taxi, or by train from Izmir to Denizli and then taxi to Pamukkale (about 100 km). You can also fly into Izmir and take an organized day trip or stay overnight at one of the hotels

Things to do in Pamukkale

Visit the ancient city of Hierapolis. This ancient city is located next to Pamukkale and is filled with historical sites and ruins. You can visit the Hierapolis Ancient Theater, Hierapolis Open Air Museum, and Hierapolis Museum.

Go to Pamukkale Thermal Pools for a relaxing time in warm water on top of travertine formations that look like a giant natural hot tub! There are also many other activities you can do at these thermal pools such as swimming, playing volleyball, horseback riding around the area, hiking up one of three mountains nearby (Mount Nimrod Castle), or simply relaxing under your umbrella while sitting on rocks near the waterfalls above you.

What is the best way to travel from Pamukkale to Cappadocia?

If you want to travel from Pamukkale to Cappadocia and take your time, the best way is by bus. There are buses that leave every 15 minutes and can get you there in 2 hours. The best part? The bus drops you off right at the otogar (bus station).


Cappadocia is a unique place to visit, with amazing landscapes and plenty of things to see and do.

The best way to see Cappadocia is on foot so make sure you pack some lightweight hiking boots. There are many hiking trails around the area and you can easily spend a few days exploring the landscape. Alternatively, if you prefer to travel by car, there are several driving routes around the region that can be explored in one day or less.

If you like history, there are many ancient cave churches and houses carved into the rock formations that date back thousands of years. These are fascinating places to explore and take photos at!

You can also try hot air ballooning over Cappadocia for an amazing bird’s eye view of this incredible landscape!

If you like extreme sports like rafting or paragliding then this is definitely the place for you! There are plenty of companies offering these activities around Cappadocia so all you need to do is find one that suits your needs (and budget). If you want to avoid the busy tourist season consider visiting Cappadocia in Winter, you will find it a lot more enjoyable.

What are the most famous Turkish souvenirs?

Turkish carpets are the most famous souvenir. Turkey is famous for its carpets and very good quality rugs. Turkish towels, tea sets, ceramics and glassware are also popular items to bring home.

Turkish carpets are mostly made of woolen yarns in different colors, patterns, styles and sizes. They can be made out of pure silk or cotton as well but they don’t have the same durability as those made with woolen yarns. The size of a carpet varies depending on how much yarn used during weaving process and how big room it will cover when placed on floor once finished being woven – usually they’re large enough so that they fit in one corner at least 2 meters high by 2 meters wide (5 feet x 6 feet) if not bigger!

The most common designs you’ll find in traditional Turkish carpets include medallions (very small round circles), geometric shapes such as squares diamonds diamonds triangles etc.

Is it safe to travel in Turkey?

The general rule of thumb is to stay away from the border with Syria and Iraq, as well as Diyarbakir and Gaziantep. These are cities where terrorist attacks have been known to occur, so it’s best to avoid them if you can. Other than that, Turkey is a very safe country!


All in all, Turkey offers a wide range of amazing experiences and attractions that are sure to impress everyone. Whether you’re looking to explore the country’s rich history or just want an awesome vacation spot, there is no shortage of things to do in Turkey!