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Reasons to Travel

Reasons to Travel

Although many people will agree that w don’t really need a reason to travel, still sometimes we need some motivation to travel more often. There can be a million reasons why to travel but I have summed up some of the most common here.


Taking a break

Let’s be honest, the most common travel reason is to simply, take a break. Escaping the stress is usually the best when we change the environment, and it is far easier to have a rest in a place that is not associated with work or any duties for that matter. To fully take a break remember to switch off your mobile phone, and leave your computer behind, otherwise, you might not catch a lot of rest.


Discover new cultures

Every nation has its ways, traditions, and distinctive culture. While some cultures are similar, others are very much different. Enjoy discovering new cultures, try out local ways and traditions, discover dancing in the street, for example, soak in all the smells and good vibes!

On a side note, if you find yourself needing motivation to “get yourself going”, maybe try one of these Books about Travel and Self Discovery

Meet new people

Traveling is a great way to meet new people and or to get to know better ones who you might not have had a chance to meet closer. Lots of common experiences are great grounds for friendship later on, or to fall in love!

Off the record, if you are don’t like to take the entire closet with you on your trip, here are some tips on how to pack lightly.

Do something good for your health

If you live in a big urban environment like a city, a change of scenery might be just what you need. Going to rural areas or the sea and breathing in all that clean air, enjoying less noise, and generally slower life tempo will for sure restart you. There are many destinations promoting health tourism, and with a good reason. 

Don’t forget that trips can be long oftentimes and you might get hungry. Food options can be limited on the road, so make sure to pack some easy to pack travel snacks.


Feel the liberty

Feeling free is one of the most important feelings when it comes to traveling. Carelessness that escaping the commitments brings, relaxes, and sets free. Young people have a chance to briefly escape parental control, and be their own masters for the time being. While adults get a chance to leave the office, phone calls, and emails behind. 

How many times did you find yourself forgetting that one essential item for your trip? Well, it happens a lot, so make sure to have your pre-travel checklist ready well in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.  

Become more independent and learn to adapt

Travel is usually the first taste of independent life, away from home, away from the family, new environment, new people. Such experience is a great teachers to learn how to adapt to new people and new environments. The length of the journey can also be a great tool to learn some new skills. It can teach you a lot in the organization, planning, and time management. 


Take a walk through the past

You’ve been listening about pharaohs, ancient civilizations, kings and queens, castles, etc. A lot of places that you learned about in school can actually be visited in real life. Explore the gladiator arena in Rome, check out the castles of Europe, or sail through medieval ports of the Greek islands. Museums are great too, imagine seeing one of the oldest Egyptian collections in the world at the Turin Egyptian Museum or maybe visiting the Natural History Museum in London. You can almost feel all the history that is knitted in the stones and the glorious battles that have been fought in those locations. 


Learn new things

Today we can find almost any information online at any time, however, the “human touch” is still very much irreplaceable. Learn the local way of life directly from the local people, learn their tradition, learn about events that marked their history and way of life, hear their opinion on different matters. All these things help you understand different cultures better, it will widen your perception and open some new horizons.


Learn new language

Learning foreign languages is always a good investment, but to get a chance to speak this language with locals is a completely new experience and a great way to test what you have learned. A couple of days will be just enough to test what you have learned, maybe catch some new phrases, and ultimately give you an incentive to keep on learning.


Update your souvenir collection

Lots of travelers collect souvenirs from their travels. Some are even true collectors, stamps, coins, postcards, money, various items, all these are great travel memories. They all have one thing in common, they are precious to the owner because of the place where they were bought. It brings sentimental value. Not sure what to bring back, try one of these perfect gifts for travel lovers.


Discover what you can go without

Away from home, forced to do certain things the other way than what you used to, not having the luxury of using some items that you are used to – it’s a challenge for sure. Nevertheless, give it a go, you might discover your new inner strength, ditch some vices, or generally get rid of some habits that were not so good.


Learn to appreciate your own

Many times, we tend to think that the “neighbors grass is greener”. What better way to disprove that theory than to actually go on a trip and find out for your own. Summer traffic jams in France can be horrific, shopping malls in Belgium almost never work in the evening or Sunday, trains can be late even in Austria, and when you step outside the shinny city center of Budapest you discover the “uglier” side of the city. Once you see that destinations you might think were perfect are far from that, you might discover a new appreciation for your own home.


Experience different climate

Travel on North-South route usually means big climate change. Imagine going from cold Northern regions to a tropical South, it will be a shock for the senses. Besides shocking your senses, you also get to discover new flora and fauna that might be very different from the one back home.


Discover different cuisines

Today, in most cities you get to discover food from all parts of the world. It is very affordable and available in modern times. However, that Pad Thai will never taste the same as the one on the streets of Bangkok, just as that taco will never taste the same as the one from the beach in Tulum. You might think you knew what something tastes like, but then when you try the real thing in the original destination you see how wrong you were.


Lose the prejudice

What better way to lose the prejudice than to check if they are actually true. Are the Chez poor tourists, do French speak any English, are Italian really so lethargic. Well, the best way to find out is to go there and check first hand


Find a business idea

Many entrepreneurs found their business ideas while traveling, observing how something is done somewhere, or were just fortunate enough to spot a good idea right at the beginning, before it became global. Others decided to use the idea in a different way, or simply copy it to the domestic market., in any case, trip can be a great way to get inspired.


Awake the romace

Going to a new romantic place can be a great incentive to break away from the routine, and it can also be a great surprise for a loved one. Escape far from everything and take time only for yourself for a while. Destinations like Paris or Venice are classics, but there are also many other, perhaps cheaper ones but just as beautiful.


Celebrate an important event

Wedding, marriage proposal, anniversary, birthday, new job, these are all good reasons to treat yourself to a trip, and if you’re lucky, get rewarded.


Escape the boredom

Are you bored? If you can afford it, take a trip, maybe just a day trip, or a true vacation. You’ll get rid of boredom quick enough.


Try train, airplane or boat ride

Many people only traveled by car or bus. Discover new transportation methods, especially ones that include water or air travel. See what a great experience it is when you get into the skies and observe the world far down below.