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Travel agent jobs

One of the more dynamic and exciting jobs of the modern age, especially in freelance business is becoming a travel agent. Travel and tourism industry became so developed as technology developed that more and more countries, even from the less developed parts of the world became accessible. Tourism boom is largely possible due to the development of air travel, with more destinations rushing to attract tourists. Especially important is the development of low-cost airlines that brought air travel to more middle-class people. Since more and more destinations are becoming available, hence a need for experts who can create tailored journeys and memorable vacations. Travel agents organize trips, tours, excursions, act as a middleman in selling hospitality and travel services, they organize accommodation and itineraries in various destinations worldwide. Travel agents can organize everything from transportation, like booking plane or bus tickets to arranging a local tour guide in a destination. If a customer travels abroad, a travel agent organizes all the travel documents and visas required. For more tailored or specific tours such as fishing, hunting, or diving holiday, a travel agent can research which permits are required and help in obtaining one. Travel agent uses all sorts of information available to learn arrival and departure times of transport, accommodation availability as well as prices and quality of that same transportation service or accommodation provider. But perhaps the most valuable piece of advice that a travel agent can give is when he/she speaks from experience or recommendations.

There are certain qualities a travel agent should poses for this business. The most obvious one is to be communicative since people-to-people relations (customer or service provider) are the essential part of the job. Secondly, a travel agent has to be a great organizer and a person that can act fast when things turn wrong, which unfortunately happens. Finally, there is the responsibility, a travel agent is responsible if things take a wrong turn, and when it happens abroad things can get really nasty. Travel agent doesn’t necessarily have to be directly responsible if for example, the hotel got overbooked, but he has to think fast and try to solve the problem best way possible because in the end customer will complain to the trip organizer and demand the money back.

While travel agencies have their offices for people to come, sit down and have a word with their travel agent, this is slowly becoming a rarity. More and more people simply book their holidays online. This became more convenient because not only do customers get more options to explore, they can also search for more content of their desired destination. This in return resulted in travel agents adapting to the demand and offering their services completely online. Today lots of individual travel agents and travel agencies don’t even have offices. In terms of cost optimization, this is a true blessing and makes a travel agent job extremely dynamic. Lots of travel agents are digital nomads who work completely remotely. Finding remote jobs can sometimes be challenging, so in the following article, we will present some companies that offer travel agent jobs completely remote.

Airport Parking Reservations

With over  600 000 reviews on Trustpilot this website is constantly maintaining a 5 star rating customer experience rating. The company is focused on providing customers solutions to parking options that are close to airports. Services are based on daily, weekly, and monthly rates, they include valley parking, pick-ups, car wash, etc. Company is headquartered in Sancta Monica, California and they offer full-time, or part-time job options.


AvantStay offers its customers luxury rental properties in renowned locations such as Cabo, Lake Tahoe, Malibu, Coachella, and many more. The company offers remote and flexible jobs in real estate, travel organization, operations, advertising and PR. They often advertise jobs in the travel and hospitality industry looking for travel agents, and customer service problem solvers. Their team consists of many remote workers most of who never met each other in person.


This is a mobile-only travel agency offering its customers to book flights, hotels, and cars. The app offers an all-in-one solution where customers can book flights, hotels, or rent cars in their desired destination. Company has offices in the US, Canada, and Bulgaria, on top of which they also offer remote work. Their job ads include working in travel and tourism, customer service, software development, computer & IT. Travel agents will be more than interested in this app since it can be very useful for trip organization. The app also has notify options and sends alerts whenever it catches an affordable flight.

Kemp Travel Group

Canadian based company offering remote travel agent jobs with a flexible schedule. Kemp is focused on providing its customers a tailored and unique travel experience based on their needs. Their job requirements often require past experience in travel arrangements or customer service. Preparing and booking travel packages is an essential part of the work as well as preparing travel documents and a quick problem solving attitude. They specialize in leisure travel, destination weddings, honeymoons, group travel, and corporate meetings.

Being an online travel agent is a great way to transition to a more freelance and location lifestyle. You can also check other Lucrative Location Independent Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere.

Lola Travel

Great opportunity to find travel agent remote work is at Lola Travel. It is a Boston based travel company providing beautifully crafted holiday vacations via the app. Company offers full-time and part-time remote work for concierge type services helping customers find hotels, book flights, offer tips and advice for their desired destination, and ultimately helping customers plan their dream vacation. Their name is a derivative from longitude and latitude, and their CEO is actually the founder of popular online travel service Kayak.

Marriot Vacations Worldwide

Well known name in the hospitality business, Marriot corporation also offers remote travel agent jobs. With more than 120 resorts around the world and a huge loyalty program containing thousands of customers, the company is on the seek for part-time, temporary, seasonal, and alternative schedule jobs. This is a great opportunity for travel agents to have such a renowned name in their portfolio and work with brands like Sheraton, Westin, or Ritz-Carlton. The company has also been named one of the best workplaces in Florida.


Another famous name in the tourism industry, TripAdvisor is a great job opportunity for travel agents. With thousands and thousands of hotels listed on their website, TripAdvisor became one of the most popular sites for people to research their dream destination, accommodation, or best restaurant options. Company also offers remote job opportunities for freelancers and often received title for the best workplace. Some of the benefits of working for TripAdvisor include medical coverage, paid time off, summer Friday program, educational assistance program, fitness reimbursement program, backup childcare and adult care services, personal travel reimbursement, etc.


These are just some of the options for travel agent jobs, there are, of course, many more possibilities out there. Freelance travel agents will find many opportunities on the freelance sites designed to match job seekers with job offers. Whichever the approach, travel agent jobs will remain in high demand as the world develops and new destinations are being discovered.