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What to expect from a cruise trip?

What to expect from a cruise trip?

Here at Flyush, we consider ourselves something close to travel experts, and as such, we will allow ourselves to come up with consideration about cruises that may lead to raised eyebrows and lost lower jaws: there is no one who is not for a cruise trip. We said it and we stand by it!


With more cruise ships at sea than ever before, passengers as such have unlimited access to the coasts of the world. From the northernmost fjords of Norway to the narrowest river passages in the tropics. Down through the Mekong Delta and up along the Nile! To even the most impassable corners of the world cruise ships sail today, but it is actually not the most obvious benefit of this way of traveling and experiencing the world. We will try to explain everything you need to know about why cruises are the new, cool way to travel, and how to indulge yourself in such a thing.

Why take a cruise?

First of all, today there are cruises for all tastes, and if you do your research, you can definitely find one that lets you explore the world on your own terms. If you find the idea of ​​a life of excessive luxury appealing, there are cruise ships that will exceed even your wildest expectations. If the very experience of traveling in an alternative way and exploring alternative sides of the destinations you come to is what you are looking for, you will not be disappointed either. What makes the cruise as a form of travel completely unique is, first and foremost, that you get access to some completely different destinations via sea and river than by plane or car. Over 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and many beautiful coastal destinations are only accessible by water. If you put a mark on any area of the world map that is colored blue, you can almost certainly get there by a cruise.

The best way to reach exotic and alternative destinations like the Caribbean, where there many scattered islands, and beautiful coastal destinations is via ship. The advantages of a cruise holiday are that it allows you to visit multiple destinations on a single trip. On trips to popular destinations such as Burma, where hotels have a hard time meeting the high demand, a river cruise can be a smart alternative to the traditional round trip with the need for accommodation in several different hotels. After all, what are cruise ships other than moving hotels. However, make sure to prepare yourself with medicine in case you get any cruise ship illness or get seasick.


Get more value for your money!

Another benefit of the cruise that is worth noting if one goes up in getting the most out of traveling is the pace. Out at sea, the big cruise ships can hit an impressive speed and reach their destinations faster than you can manage to say “an umbrella drink on the deck, thank you”, but when there is a land in sight, you really get to see the land. Imagine sailing slowly down the rivers of China’s Mekong Delta, where the branches of the trees hang like fringes on a rug you can reach out and touch. Or to sail as the kings did thousands of years ago, up the Nile, flanked by sleepy villages and the temples of the pharaohs? Make sure the camera is charged!

And it’s not because you can not experience much as a backpacker, the cruise is just more enjoyable.


How to do it?

Our tip: if you are considering booking a room with a balcony be aware that the wind strength in front of the ship can make it difficult to hold on to your hat while you are sunbathing or taking a selfie.


Life on the ship!

Food: in the past, cruising was synonymous with glamour, and people dressed up for dinner, which was served at a fixed time. Nowadays, only the more luxurious cruise ships keep up the forms, while the new ones offer a more casual and informal atmosphere. In concrete terms, this means you eat when you want and dress (roughly) as you please. Often there is no fridge/mini bar in the cabin, but there is always the possibility to get food and drinks in the boat’s bar.

Exercising: don’t worry, if you want to, there are plenty of opportunities to stay healthy while you’re on a cruise. Most larger cruise ships have pools on deck and fitness rooms, and often group training with an instructor. Ships smaller than that are designed for river cruises, where you come ashore every day.

Entertainment: you don’t have to bring all the board games from home because if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that the cruise ships know how to provide entertainment for every taste. As over the top and impressive as many cruises, especially the big ones, are furnished with wild amenities, just as simple pleasures you’ll find on the smallest ones – mostly those that stick to the rivers.


Life on land

When the ship docks, how long you have to explore the destination varies from voyage to voyage. Check before the trip how long you can expect to be ashore each time. To give passengers the best possible experience when the ship is in port, all cruise ships organize excursions that you can buy extra. Most major cruise ships offer everything from sightseeing and cultural events in the city to tours with various physical activities. There are many advantages to booking a tour through the cruise ship. You’ll avoid the hassle of arranging your own activities (and there can be MANY stops on a cruise), and you can rely on your guide and the ship not to leave until all the tour buses have returned. However, money can be saved by planning your own excursions. If you organize your own activities ashore from home, you’ll avoid the added costs of letting the cruise ship take care of everything.


Cruise lines or travel companies?

You may choose to book your cruise on your own with one of the many cruise lines available, but if you are a novice without much prior knowledge of what each company and ship offers, it may be a good idea to use a travel company. Some travel companies specialize in cruises and have pre-selected cruise lines, ships, and itineraries, which can make planning your first cruise more manageable.