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Best Destinations To Learn Surfing

Best Destinations To Learn Surfing

Surfing is a unique sport or activity, one might even say leisure, depends how you look at it, but it certainly is unique. Wast blue ocean and crashing waves that create a tube-like tunnel with a surfer on board inside, it surely looks very exciting and full of adrenaline. As fun and exciting as it might look, it is not for faint-hearted. It takes a lot of practice and patience to learn and of course a good place to learn it. Not all beaches are are suitable for every surfing level, and it goes without saying that safety should be first priority. Make no mistake surfing can be very dangerous, waves can throw you on sharp rocks or reefs in an instant. That is why we have selected the 10 best places for surfing beginners.


Huntington Beach – California

Also known as the surfing capital of the US, it’s no surprise that newbies and pro surfers flock here to experience the best of California waves. Good starting point is near the peer, you will find at least a dozen of surfers there waiting for their perfect wave. You can apply for private or semi-private coaching at one of the local surfing schools. Suite up in your diving suit, get your board, and hit those waves. While in town, don’t miss a chance to meet some of the surfing legends down at the International Surfing Museum.


New Smyrna Beach – Florida

Ranked as one the best surfing towns in America, New Smyrna Beach has over 17 miles of beaches and one of the most popular among them is the North Beach, mainly thanks to good quality and consistent waves that come from the Atlantic. Another great surfing spot is Bethune Beach, which is somewhat less crowded, meaning more opportunities to get the best waves. There are a lot of surf shops where you can rent surf board as well as surfing schools where you can learn some surfing.



Nags Head – North Carolina

For those living more North on the East Coast and not willing to go all the way down to Florida, the Outer Baks in North Carolina has a great beach town known as Nags Head. Jennette’s Pear is one of the favorite locations among surfers and it is also the location of the Eastern Surfing Championship. For beginners try the Kitty Hawk Kites surfing school, for private or semi-private surfing lessons, or multiday surfing camps for the young ones.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been a surfing Mecca for many years, often considered to have the best quality waves on its shores. For those willing to experience the ocean beauty of this magnificent country, try one of the all-inclusive surfing camps on the Nicoya peninsula. It is located on the Pacific coast and it’s a great surfing spot with consistent waves.


San Clemente – California

In Orange County, surfers of all levels pour down to San Onofre State Beach in San Clemente. No wonder this is one of the most visited state parks in all of California. Thanks to a perfect reef barrier waves are not as wild and dangerous, so the location is ideal for beginners. Also, a bit North of San Onofre State Beach is the Lower Trestles, a popular pro surfing location. Make sure to book a surfing lesson in of the surf schools in San Clemente as California waves should not be taken lightly.



Oahu – Hawaii

Definitely the surfing capital of the world, the North Shore of Oahu is a surfing paradise and the number one choice for surfers in all the world. Many surfers claim that if there is a perfect wave, here is where you will find it. There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Oahu but for beginners, Waikiki beach is probably the best choice as it’s safer and there are many surf schools with experienced instructors. You will also find surfing tours in Oahu where experienced surfers can show you the best places to go surfing.


South Padre Island, Texas

Texas is not usually high on the list when it comes to surfing destinations, the country is more famous for ranches, cowboys, and barbeque. However, South Padre Island is a hidden little gem. Better known as a spring break destination, this island is located on the southernmost point of Texas and it is actually a very renowned surfing destination in the state. This charming little town has miles and miles of long sandy beaches which are ideal for beginners to learn surfing. With the absence of sharp reefs or rocks, the softy sandy bottom is perfectly safe, and the waves in the Gulf of Mexico are not as wild as the ones coming directly from the ocean.


Cocoa Beach – Florida

Surfers of all levels come to Cocoa Beach in Florida to enjoy the waves. This is the home of the original Ron Jon Surf Shop, and one of the best beach towns on the East coast for those who want to learn surfing. You can also take a tour of the surfing museum, or take a surfing lesson for the whole family in one of the local surf schools. There are also weekly camps available and they often have competitions for more advanced surfers.



Lots of people come to the Caribbean to experience heaven on Earth. It’s no wonder why the region is blessed with some of the most beautiful nature in the world. Barbados has a good surfing atmosphere, Surfers Point on the eastern coast is great for beginners to start learning their skills. There are many surfing schools and resorts that offer packages including surfing.


Santa Cruz – California

This is a destination with very strong surf culture. It goes without saying that Santa Cruz is the home of the late Jack O’Neill, the founder of the famous O’Neill brand. Often ranked as one the best surfing spots on the West Coast, Capitol Beach and Cowell Beach are full of surfers. The waves are consistent and not too wild, which gives you the extra time to stand tall on the board and glide through the wave.