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Best Surfing Spots in Indonesia

Best Surfing Spots in Indonesia

The largest island nation in the world – Indonesia has some of the best surfing spots in the world, although most are not really known. When you have as many islands as Indonesia it means huge coastline and lots of beaches. Being located in the tropical zone of the Indian ocean, conditions can get close to perfect for good winds and quality waves.

No matter if you are a newbie or a pro, in Indonesia, you will certainly find a good surfing place suited to your skills.



The best known destination of this country, the island of Bali has a vivid surfing scene. Many surfers (especially from Australia) can be seen on Kuta beach, with their boards, waiting for their perfect chance. Kuta, Balangan and Dreamland beach in Bali are the most popular surf spots on the island for beginners. Padang and Nusa Dua are more dangerous, due to sharp reefs, so they are for more experienced surfers. Padang and Uluwatu also offer top surfing for pro surfers.

Peak surfing season in Bali is from May to September – during the dry season, and mornings are the best time of day to catch good waves. West coast gets the best waves during this period due to winds that blow from the Indian Ocean.

Bali is also considered one of the most beautiful Indonesian islands.


Lombok – Kuta

This is not the same Kuta as in Bali. Kuta Lombok is a lot quieter and less crowded than the one in Bali (and a lot cleaner). It became increasingly popular mainly due to overcrowded Bali beaches, so surf camps moved to a quieter and yet very beautiful Lombok. Lombok is shaped differently than Bali, and most of the good surfing spots can be found on the southern side, facing the Indian Ocean. Lombok’s surfing beaches are more suited for newbie and intermediate surfers, while one beach – Desert Point is for more professional surfers. Lombok is somewhat less developed than Bali, but that means less crowds, while the island is insanely beautiful. If you do decide to visit it, make sure not to miss the amazing Sekotong peninsula on Lombok. It’s a true off-the-beaten-path paradise destination.


Nias Island

In North Sumatra, on its western side, a green emerald known as Nias Island lies. This beautiful island is surrounded by shallow reefs which make perfect tube-like waves for experienced surfers. The height of surfing season is from June to October when strong winds from the Indian ocean bring perfect waves. Sorake is the best surfing spot on the island and it’s located on its southern tip. Unfortunately, the region was hit by an earthquake and tsunami recently, and a lot of the infrastructure was damaged or destroyed so don’t expect a rich tourist offer.



Batu Karas, Java

Close to the famous Indonesian leisure destination of Pangandaran, lies a quiet fishing village of Batu Karas. Known for the beautiful scenery that surrounds it – lush green jungle behind and beautiful long sandy beach in front, it also offers nice surfing opportunities when waves start hitting from the Indian ocean. Batu Karas is great for beginners and intermediate surfers, waves are long and soft, and the soft sandy bottom is quite safe from injuries.


Maluk, Sumbawa

To the East of Lombok, the Sumbawa island is often overlooked by the tourists, who mostly head to Komodo’s or Flores. However on the island’s western shore lies the charming little village of Maluk, with the unreal looking beach. Just like something out of the postcard, white sand, and the bluest sea imaginable. Touristically speaking the region is not really developed, mining is the main industry so finding accommodation can be challenging. Surfing however is amazing, with very few tourists around, you will be awarded with amazing waves all to yourself.