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Florida travel guide

Florida travel guide

The sunshine state of the USA has a big appeal for American retirees, but as a tourist the area also has plenty of appeal and you are guaranteed arch-American experiences combined with sunshine.

It’s almost always warm, and there are plenty of beaches like the iconic Miami beach where you can enjoy a day of sunbathing and swimming. If you get tired of it, you can experience some culture or take a walk looking at clothes or Americans.

Did you know that an alternative way to experience Florida is via the coast? There are many kinds of cruises to the US, and more than one cruise makes its way past Florida.


Best time to visit

You can travel to Florida whenever you want, as it’s sunny all year round and the average temperature is around 23 degrees. That’s just one of the facts about Florida you will discover, make sure to familiarise your self with some other as well, it might help you plan you trip better. 

Many Americans visit Florida between December and March, so if you want to avoid too much weather, head here in June, July and August. It’s also possible to find cheaper hotels here. 


Things to discover

Of course, there’s the water, the sun and the beaches in Florida, and that in itself makes it a great place to stay. But you can also experience other things, and Florida is a great place to go if you have children. 

Here you’ll find wide sandy beaches, theme parks, entertainment and nature experiences. You could also extend your experience by making a weekend getaway in the South, in one of the popular destinations in and around Florida. 

If you’re traveling to Florida with your little ones here are the 9 best vacations in Florida with toddlers.


Cities in Florida

You almost have to stop by Miami if you’re in Florida. The place is known for its sunshine, cold drinks, good parties, making Miami a great place for Instagram. It’s also the host of different nationalities who have settled in the sun. If you’re with your beloved one, looking for some sea and sun check activities for couples in the South beach. 

If you’d rather experience a city that’s quieter and more decadent, head to Fort Lauderdale, a beach resort that attracts many tourists – especially the wealthy.

On the other side of the Florida peninsula, you will find Tampa, a very mundane tourist destination and an important business hub. If you are looking for things to do on the Gulf Coast of Florida, head to Tampa. It is the third-largest city in Florida very proud of its museums, rich cultural offering and loads of activities, located on  Just south of Tampa you will find a calmer town of Sarasota, which is part of its wider metropolitan area. Sarasota is perfect for families with children thanks to its beautiful beaches and amusement offer. 

One of the most popular itineraries in Florida is Miami to Key West drive. You can explore the very “bottom” of the US all from the comfort of the car as the Florida Keys are all connected by bridges. Many times you won’t even feel like you’re in US. 


Theme Parks in Florida

Orlando is the place with the big theme parks and probably also one of the reasons why to travel to Florida. It’s one park after another like pearls on a string, with millions visiting each year. 

There’s Walt Disney, Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Kennedy Space Center (just outside Orlando), and that’s not all, there are many more parks. At the same time, there are plenty of houses and apartments to rent while you and the kids romp around one theme park after another.

Here is a gorgeous little guide on how to plan a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando. It’s very useful to check if you want to avoid crowds and any potentially unpleasant surprises. 


Discover the culture in Florida

Now, Florida is not particularly known for its cultural scene, but there are theatres and museums in pretty much every major city in Florida. You can see the Museum of Art in Lauderdale, the Lowe Art Museum in Miami, the Norton Museum of Art in Palm Beach or a Salvador Dali Museum in Tampa.


Nature in Florida

In Florida, there is a lot of exciting nature that you shouldn’t miss.

Head to Everglades National Park, also known as an alligator paradise. There’s a visitor center here where you can get good information about the areas and the 60-mile hike. Along the way, you’ll see alligators, turtles, otters, manatees, raccoons and possibly a panther in the vast marshlands, coniferous forests, and mangrove forests – but don’t worry, once you stay on the trails you’ll be safe.

You can also head to Key West, which oozes a laid-back vibe, great atmosphere, and Caribbean scenery. It’s lovely, and Ernst Hemingway thought it was too, as he lived here for a while, and the house he stayed in is still open to visitors today. If you are fun of nature, don’t miss the opportunity for some glamping in Florida


Golf trips in Florida

There is an incredible number of golf courses in Florida that are both easy to get to and of high quality. It’s possible to rent homes that are ultra close – and because the sun is almost always shining in Florida, it’s a perfect state for golf. Many of the courses are close to Orlando.


Living in Florida

Florida is in the USA, so you can expect to eat the kind of food they eat in America. You’re sure to find a place that serves a juicy burger and a sinful milkshake. In short, it’s a fast food paradise.

But Florida is also right on the water, so you can easily get seafood, lobster, and oysters. And don’t forget that they grow great oranges, lemons and grapes in Florida, in fact Florida is one the largest producers of citrus in the US, and the largest exporter.

If you fancy a spot of shopping, Orlando is full of outlets where you can buy well-known brands at low prices. But almost everywhere you go, shopping is possible, so you won’t have a hard time finding a mall or store where you can splurge and shop, especially for clothes, shoes and bags.


Facts about Florida

Geography: Florida is the southernmost state in the continental United States. The area is almost split in two, with one to the north being forested and hilly, and the south being swampy, wet, and flat.

Occupation: Tourism is a major source of income for people in Florida, but agriculture is also grown particularly oranges and lemons, as well as corn, strawberries, potatoes, beans, and sugar cane.

Economy: Inequality in Florida is great, you will see very rich people with huge mansions, but also people who live more ordinary lives and see some who are downright poor.


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