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How much you should tip in the USA

How much you should tip in the USA

In the US, tipping is not included when you go out to eat, take a taxi or buy drinks, and it can be difficult as a tourist to know exactly how much to tip.

But here are some good tips you can stick to.


But here are some good tips you can stick to.

People in the service professions have a very low basic wage and are therefore totally dependent on tips to survive, and only if the service is absolutely terrible should you not tip.

Most people prefer to get their tips in cash, but you can also add the tip to your bill if you pay by card.


Waiters and waitresses

As a rule of thumb, you give between 15 and 20% of the amount, unless the service was bad, in which case you can settle for 10%.

If you’re dining out in New York, a quick way to work out the tip is to round up the sales tax amount on your bill to the nearest even number and then double the amount.

If you’re at a fancy restaurant and the restroom is staffed, you should tip a dollar.



The bartender must be tipped between $1 and $5 per round, depending on how many drinks you order at a time.


Hotel personnel

It’s good manners to tip the maid at least a dollar a day, and if the concierge at the hotel helps you with something, like theatre tickets or a guided tour, you should tip him or her five dollars.

If you get help carrying your luggage to your room or the doorman helps you catch a taxi, you should tip $1-3.


Taxi driver

The driver should be tipped between 15 and 20 percent, and it’s good manners to round up to the nearest even amount.

In New York, a smart credit card payment system has been introduced in all taxis that automatically calculate the tip for you, so you can choose the percentage you want to tip.


Tour guide

A tour guide should be tipped 10 percent of the tour price.


No matter the amount you decide, tipping is considered a general courtesy, a sort of social standard in any country, not just the US. You should always leave a tip no matter how big or small and only not do so if you were utterly dissatisfied by the service.




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How much to tip in the USA