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Surfing in Ventura

Surfing in Ventura

What does surfing in Ventura like? Picture yourself standing on a sun-drenched beach, gazing out at the shimmering turquoise waters of the Pacific. The salty breeze tickles your face while surfers glide across the waves, their boards carving elegantly in the water. 

Ventura is a haven for surfers seeking the perfect waves and is one of the state pioneers in surfing. Its picturesque beaches, world-class breaks, and laid-back vibe make it a surfing destination like no other. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting, surfing in Ventura offers something for everyone. Ventura has everything from the thrill of catching a barrel at Rincon to the powerful waves at C Street. So grab your board, wax it up, and dive into the thrilling world of surfing in Ventura, USA.

Is surfing good in Ventura?

Yesss! Surfing in Ventura can be one of your most memorable experiences ever. Ventura is along the Southern California coastline, known for its consistent waves and surf culture. 

Ventura is also close to several popular surf spots, such as C Street, Rincon Point, and Emma Wood State Beach, all offering various wave sizes and types of breaks for surfers of all levels. There’s never a dull day surfing in Ventura! 

Weather in Ventura

Ventura, California typically experiences a Mediterranean climate, with mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers with average temps ranging from 46°F to 76°F. During May, it’s around 68°F, with average high temperatures reaching over 76°F and average low temperatures dropping to around 53°F. 

What time of year is best for surfing?

The best time to go surfing in Ventura is between summer and fall when the southern swells are coming in. Summers don’t have much wind blowing to fight against, while fall has a morning breeze from the east. The winter season between December and February is the coldest, with swells from the northwest. You can still surf, but don’t forget to wear proper gear to protect you from the cold! 

Best places to surf in Ventura

C Street/Surfer’s Point

One of the most famous spots in Ventura, C Street near Ventura Pier, offers surfers south-facing curls from right-hand swells, giving a long ride toward the shore. It is the place for you if you prefer short- or longboarding. The break at C Street is a sandbar reef break that produces powerful, hollow waves ideal for intermediate and advanced surfers. Expect large crowds, so ensure that you carry your best surf etiquette. 

Emma Wood State Beach

A few minutes from C Street, Emma Wood State Beach is famous for its A-framed swells. The surf at Emma Woods is typically consistent year-round, and pros enjoy the winters with the best waves. Some of the most popular breaks here are the Mushpots, Ventura Overhead, and J-bowls. 

Ventura Overhead generates some of the most massive waves in the city, with the reef around 150 yards from the beach. You can ride for hundreds of yards with no breaks. Mushpots is best for newbies who want to try surfing in Ventura since it’s protected and inside, with more forgiving waves. 


The beginner-friendly Waikiki of Ventura, Mondos’ gentle waves, makes it an ideal surfing spot for first-timers and beginners. If you want to try out longboarding, it’s one of the best places to train. When C Street and Emma Wood are on steroids during winter, the swells at Mondos are still more accessible. And with right and left breaks, you won’t run out of slow and long rides. The sand-padded bottom has your back even if you fall. It’s packed during weekends, so be there as early as possible. 


A.k.a. “The Queen of the California Coast ” and “Rincon Classic” this spot is so popular due to its accessibility and the fact that the swells break to the right and can peak from three meters and up to three overheads during best winter conditions. Want to conquer barrels to your heart’s content? Rincon is the surfing spot for you. You can choose from its three steady points: The Cover, The Indicator, and The Rivermouth. Intermediates and surfing maniacs mainly populate these points. 

Ventura Harbor

Sometimes called the New Jetty or South Jetty, the SW swells in Ventura Harbor, coupled with north easterlies, offer an A-frame peak with fast sizable walls. Some local surfers complain about how the renovation of the jetty changed the game. It’s just not as fun anymore. But still, the exciting right and sometimes scary left of the harbor makes it a must-try if you’re surfing in Ventura. And if you love boogie boarding, it’s one of the best places to test out yours. 


For surfers who enjoy reef breaks, the Solimar offers powerful swells as high as eight feet, breaking 300 yards from the shores. It’s an intermediate paradise for those who want to ride fast double peaks. The inside section, also known as Solimar Point, serves nice lefts during winter when southwest swells are around. It’s almost impossible to catch a double overhead, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in Solimar as part of your surfing in Ventura escapade. 

Silver Strand

A mile of shore with forgiving swells and three breaks: La Janelle, The Jetty, and The Bowl. The first two are right with west and south swells, usually never over five feet high, ideal for newbies and boogie boarding. You’ll also love the barrels at La Janelle during the summers. Of the three, The Bowl is the best for riding the waves, with its hard sandbar perfect for shortboards. 

Port Hueneme

Best for intermediate and advanced surfers, the uncrowded waters of Port Hueneme serve dependable northwest and southwest swells throughout the year with various breaks to choose from. And if you come around the fall season, you might even catch A-frames here. The soft sandy bottom also ensures your safety after falling. But again, rip tides and strong currents are usually the mainstays here, so it’s not for beginners. 

Pitas Point

If you can’t surf in Rincon, surfing in Ventura at Pitas Point is the next best option. Ride 12-foot peaks on best weather conditions or keep up with tubes with powerful winter swells from the west. The insides have a calmer surface, while the outsides call out to the intermediates and advance. However, getting to Pitas Point either via hiking or through Faria Campground is tricky. 


Known for its consistent waves, the surf break at Hobson is a beach break with waves ranging from 2 to 6 feet, with larger swells during the winter months. There’s something for every surfer of any level left, right, and south. If you want to catch A-frames and long-riding peaks, you’ll love the Honson. 

Summer’s Beach

Enjoy a couple of miles of what looks like Hobson, paired with sand-padded bottom, Summer’s Beach is where strange things happen during weather disturbances, from flying boulders to white waters off the sea walls. You have it all. But! You also have fantastic surf breaks: the medium waves and south swells welcome surfers of all skill levels. 

County Line

Featuring the majestic California coastline near Malibu, County Line is another beginner-friendly surfing spot but also offers challenges to intermediates and pros. Have your beach break or point break. The gentle waves toward the shores make it a good place for first-timers. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot marine wildlife while riding the waves. 

Best Surf Schools in Ventura: 

Surfing in Ventura will indulge you with California’s vibrant surf culture. Ventura offers something for everyone, from challenging breaks to gentle waves for beginners. With warm weather, powerful swells, high walls, and peaks crowned with pristine waters, surfing in Ventura is a must for every passionate surfer! 



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Can you go surfing in Ventura?


Ventura offers some of the best surfing spots in California. From friendly waters to mad swells, the choice is yours. 

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What are the best places to surf in Ventura?

Here are some  of the best spots to go surfing in Ventura:

  • C Street/Surfer’s Point
  • Emma Wood State Beach
  • Mondos
  • Rincon
  • Ventura Harbor
  • Solimar
  • Silver Strand
  • Port Hueneme
  • Pitas Point
  • Hobson
  • Summer’s Beach
  • County Line

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